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September 5, 2013
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Ikehara-High App: Keiko Tachikaze by ntsun Ikehara-High App: Keiko Tachikaze by ntsun
///i wanted to try for a high school slice of life rp group ;;

if you wanna rp, hmu in the comments or notes *v*

Name: Keiko Tachikaze
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: November 4th
Class: 2A 
Club: Kendo Club 
Height: 168 cm, 5.5 ft 
Weight: 46 kg, 101 lb
Quote: …Could you please repeat that? 
Status: Single as a pringle

Personality: Keiko is a japanese student who is a bit of a daydreamer. She is often staring into
space and lost in her own thoughts. She zones out sometimes when someone is talking
to her, and because of that, people think she is ignoring them(which is half
true). She prefers to learn by herself and doesn’t pay attention in class all
the time. That style of learning actually seems to suit Keiko better (self-taught), thus she does well
academically. She has friends with similar interests (like kendo), but she isn’t
extremely close to them. She is sort of distant, and some describe her as anti-social. However, if someone
talks to her, she will reply back. She is also organized and neat. She enjoys reading books and manga, and becomes
emotional if something happens to a fictional character(people definitely don’t
know about this).

History: Keiko, the youngest and only daughter of the Tachikaze
family, grew up with 3 older brothers by her side. Her mother died in a car
accident when she was very young, thus she lost a motherly figure. Her father and
brothers were the ones who raised and took care of her. Whenever someone harassed
and bullied Keiko (mostly about how she didn’t have a mum), her brothers chased
them away. She was afraid of always being helpless and protected. When she got
older, she took up martial arts and kendo too, like her brothers (a family
thing?). When each of her brothers left for university, she decided to leave
for Ikehara High(poor dad)

-practicing her sports
-reading in general
-animal lover

-Creepy crawlies, especially cockroaches
-terrible cook
-she's just not good at art and music(she can only sing a little)
-unorganized/messy things(anything really)
-being dependent

Additional Information: Likes anything with a design of a cat on it( does this even count D; )
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NocturnalMyth Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
could we rpp Neko (Lennon)  Little Busters [V9] 
YES :iconheplz:

do you want to start? or should i?? owo
NocturnalMyth Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you should //kicked
((alright, sorry if its weirdd ;w; ))

Keiko: Keiko was sent by her teacher to give a piece of paper to a Nao Mizushima. She didn't know who that was, but she knew the class. She walked down the hallway to 1C and looked into the class. The teacher was missing, and the class was rather loud. She didn't want to raise her voice, but it looked like she had no choice. "...Which one of you is Nao, Nao Mizushima???" she yelled. :iconwhatwhereplz:
NocturnalMyth Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nao was talking to some classmates  but suddenly he heard his name and turned his head. "I ammm" He waved his hand around and walked toward the senpai. "Can I help you ,senpai??" He asked while tilting his head and an inquiring smile on his face. 
Keiko: After the class quieted down, Keiko realized how loud she was. She covered her mouth in embarrassment. She looked around and saw a boy with blonde hair stride towards her. She smiled weakly at him. "Yes. The sensei of class 2A wanted to hand you this," she said politely and handed Nao the piece of paper. After that, she stood there silently, unsure of what to do next. She waited for Nao to finish reading.
NocturnalMyth Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"Eh ,.. but what does he have to do with me ??" He scratched his head confuzzled. 
He read the paper, but didn't really understand what the sensei was trying to say. 
"Well I read this.... but still..." He was still puzzled. "Can you tell me what he means with this??" 
 His cheeks flushed ,ashamed of being this stupid. 
Oh glob, she's so adorable <3
Clubmate!!! :iconhontoplz:

Id love to rp sometime if ud like :heart:
My character is a bit of a loud mouth at times though xDD
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